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Yadgaar Foods

“Established in 2019 Yadgaar Foods Canada Inc (YFC) a large-scale privately owned enterprise engaged in the import & export of food products”.

Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our business scope covers: Import of spices, lentils, pre-cooked and raw frozen meats, rice, juices, and dry fruits. Since its establishment, it has an accumulated trade volume of over 1 million USD.


Our Tradition

Long Grain Rices

Basmati Rice

Glutinous Rice

Par Boiled Rice



“We find that educating consumers on different mango varieties and their differences, as well as what they can be used for, is the biggest challenge,” says Michael Napolitano, sales manager for HLB Specialties in Fort Lauderdale, FL. “We also see hesitation from consumers to try mangos when they have previously had one and may not have had a good experience. For example, having an unripe mango that lacks the flavor and sweetness of a ripe fruit may deter future purchases.”

Americans love mangos for lots of reasons — their freshness, taste, consistency, variety, color, nutrition, and because they are almost always in season somewhere. Enticing consumers to buy in large volumes then becomes a matter of presenting mangos in an inviting matter. But while quality is a given, and strong merchandising is the norm, getting more information into the heads of consumers and retailers alike remains a never-ending challenge.

Yadgaar Foods Canada


2160 76 Westwind Crescent NE Calgary, AB T3J 5H2
Phone; 403-680-0839/403-829-3355